A revolutionary circuit configuration putting power electronics inside the battery.

Internal and external communications and control, Software-defined system functionality

Software-defined system functionality

Programmable voltage, amplitude and frequency control

Charge from variable/unstable DC or AC voltage source, no charging station

Discharge clean AC sinewave output, no switching noise, no filters, capacitors, or inductors

Modular/scalable from Vcell to 1kV+, low-voltage modules, and high-voltage system

Single, three, or multi-phase charging/discharging and power management

Sleep mode, disconnect all-cells, no parasitic losses, and longer storage life

A glance into revolution


Cell Life


Energy Efficiency


Cell Capacity


Less power loss

Truly disruptive

Cognicell™ replicates the inverter, BMS, converter, motor drive and charger inside the battery pack via chips & boards.

First of its kind.

By simplifying traditional power electronic components we fundamentally disrupt industry. Cognicell™ makes electrification more affordable and logistically conceivable. Allowing for new concepts of e-mobility, energy use, exchange, and storage to be realised.

Enhancing any battery types capabilities... Independent of battery chemistry.

Cognicell™ can be arranged into a battery pack via a single, three or multi-phase configuration.

Closed pack

A look inside

We work diligently to deliver Cognicell® Powered™ solutions customized to our OEMs specs; with the very best engineering capabilities in our field:

Cognicell™ provides GLX with unparalleled value add to some of the worlds most established supply chains:

Energy Storage

For Energy Storage the uniqueness of Cognicell™ is twofold. From inside the battery pack Cognicell™ can:

(1) charge from an unstable source.

2) control amplitude, frequency, and the electrical load.

This allows an energy storage device to charge from any conceivable electrical voltage source. Such sources can be generators, the grid, renewables. Etc.

Inquire about our revolutionary technology, & the future altering vision it enables GLX to achieve.