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Beacon Fire Farm

BFF is the home base for a diverse array of projects and interests. It is a place of experimentation in homesteading, growth of the property, and development of ideas. Please join us on this journey into the the world of self-sustainability.

Beacon Fire Farm​
Just Wright Exotics​
Just Wright Candis​
Helfen Schutz Canine Training​

Beacon Fire Farm

Beacon Fire Farm is a small family run hobby farm located in NW Ohio. Our hope is to create a self-sustainable home and be able to provide locally produced food, homemade products and ethically raised animals.

Just Wright Exotics

JWE is a small producer of a various exotic pets, pocket pets, pet supplies and vivarium supplies. We breed almost all of the animals that we sell. Our focus is to produce healthy examples of the species we take personal interest in. Take a look at our store to see what all is currently available.

Just Wright Candis

We are a small family run dog breeder focusing on producing a few lines:
Psychiatric Service Dog Candidates,  Protection Dog Candidates, Family Dogs,  Wolfdogs and Coydogs.

We take pride in being responsible breeders that produce healthy dogs.

Helfen Schutz Canine Training

Here at HSCT we primarily train psychiatric service dogs that have been bred by Just Wright Canids and donated to our program. We aim to make Service Dogs more accessible and affordable to those that would benefit from having one. 

We also occasionally train protection dogs for JWC