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People are your most important asset

Successful businesses have the right people in the right position at the right time. We find the right people for your organization.

What we Do?

Recruit Group is a boutique executive search and staffing agency that provides talent acquisition and recruitment services to the healthcare technology, retail & e-commerce, and security industries.

Clients choose us because of our deep domain knowledge, genuine passion, and premium network of specialized talent.

Are you an ‘A’ Player?

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What Client Says

Brandon has taken the necessary time to know our business and corporate culture which has made him an extension of our recruiting team versus an adversary. To date, he has been the most successful outside resource in placing candidates

Tafari Alexander is the rare executive search problem solver. Always professional and always learning, Tafari is the kind of person that you want to work with when you are looking for a great addition to your team. He’s also great to talk to as another person. Super smart. Funny. Great at what he does. You should work with him.

Dave Hendricks
Liveintent Inc

The Talent Solution™ System process works. Noel and his team did a great job ascertaining our needs and all candidates presented were spot on.

John Scolaro
Nasatka Barrier

We walked away from the last candidate who graded an ‘F’ on the conative assessment. Initially he was high on our list, but the exam had us rethink it. I had a follow-up conversation with him and after that frank discussion about what we expected, we decided to pass on him. We then gave the assessment to another candidate who scored an ‘A.’ We hired that person!

Stephen Johnson
Omnicomm Systems, Inc.

Recruit Group has been professional, responsive and diligent in their response to our needs and provides talented and qualified individuals for us to make a decision that helps improve our office.

Mike Boles
Simplex Grinell

Tafari is a relentless professional – dedicated to helping his clients find the right talent to fit their needs. Tafari is one of few recruiters that completely understood the type of candidate I was looking for and then had the tenacity to go get them.

David Larkins
Empathy Labs

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