Takeoff Monkey

Professional remote takeoff service. Increase the quality and quantity of your bids while lowering your overhead!




Takeoff Monkey Explainer Video

How Takeoff Monkey Fits into any contractors’ pre-construction process.

Our Services

We are always looking for ways to expand our service offerings. Let us know how we can help.

Maintenance Takeoffs

Survey existing sites using the best available aerial imagery through our partners at Nearmap!


Tired of getting hassled for submittals? We can help!

Irrigation Design

Bidding a landscape without irrigation plans? No problem. Have as much or as little influence over your design as you want!

Construction Takeoffs

Complete material takeoffs from any level of design documents! Ask us about our integrations with popular ERP and accounting software!

Landscape Design

Tired of working off of cocktail napkin sketches? Let us put your design into a professional CAD design with imagery!

Accuracy & Precision

100% Confidential.

Give it a try today, no credit card needed and no obligation.

Time Savings

Focus on your clients instead of the computer screen!

Ridiculously Fast Turnaround

48 hours for takeoffs, and 75 hours for irrigation design!

Not Just For Bids

Let us help you manage your projects, back-up change-orders, and place material orders!

Cost Effective

NO subscription, NO minimums, and NO recurring fees! Pay only for work we complete!

Bid More/Sell More Work

Stop turning down bid opportunities! Stack up the contracts with consistent, detailed, and on-time bids!


If you’re a material supplier, and would like to offer our services to your customers, we would love to talk!

More Than Quantities

Not only are we counting and measuring all of your materials, we read the notes, read the details, and point out everything you need to know!


If you cant find the answers you are looking for feel free to reach out to us!

We never charge a start-up fee, subscription fee, or any other hidden fees.

We bill by the sheet, and only sheets that have actual counts and measurements on them. While we reference details and schedules, we do not invoice against those sheets unless they have counts or measurements! You can also purchase a discounted block of credits. Credits can be used for takeoff sheets and irritation design sheets.

We do not. However, for landscape we’ve part- nered with supply companies to get your Softs- cape quoted locally for you!

We use OnScreen Takeoff and Bluebeam Revu. If you required us to use a separate software, we’ll request a software license from you. *Other software may impact lead-times.

Commercial jobs change all the time. If you send us replacement sheet(s), we will incorporate the new pages into your original set so you’ll always have one up-to-date comprehensive takeoff file.

We can typically do an overlay that will quickly show what changed (if anything). If you’d like, we can put your new quantities side-by-side with the previous set’s quantities and add a column with the adds and deducts between the iterations of drawings!

We never delete anything. We may archive your older files, but we will always have access to them and will be able to send you a fresh link to your files at a moment’s notice.

Yes! We’ve completed integrations with a multi- tude of bidding softwares. Chances are that your software will accept our data via CSV or TXT file. We are happy to write a macro into a worksheet just for your company that will instantly generate an importable file from our standard format compatible with your estimating platform.